Admission Arrangements

The College has an admissions number of 210 students per year group.

Parents wishing to apply for entry to the College should do so through their Local Council Admissions Department which is situated at the Civic Centre.  Alternatively, please click on the following link.

Click here for Harrow Council Secondary School Admissions

The application form must be completed and returned to the Admissions Department within the stated deadline.

Transferring to High School in September 2017: Admissions Appeals

For children who are due to join Year 7 at High School in September 2017, the following are key dates for the admissions appeal process if you wish to appeal against a decision whereby your child was not offered a place at the academy:

Closing date for receipt of appeals - to be confirmed

Parents will be able to download the appeal forms at or they can request a copy from the Admissions Service on 020 8901 2620.  Appeal papers need to be returned to the Admissions Service, PO Box 22, Harrow Council, Station, Harrow HA1 2UW or emailed to

An appeal has to be made in writing, setting out the grounds on which it is made, in full. You must include a full description of your case. Additional information and evidence supporting your appeal and its grounds should be submitted as soon as possible and before the appeal hearing. Please note that any evidence or information submitted on the date of the appeal may not be considered.

Appeals will be heard early in the summer term 2017. To be considered in this first round of grouped appeals, your appeal form must be received by March 2017. Subsequently, appeals hearings are held periodically through the academic year.

Admissions Policy

Sixth Form Arrangements

Parental Consent

Written consent is required to authorise students to use many of the services offered by the College, including the use of Biometric Systems, which enable students to use a cashless operating system in the College Restaurant.  Please see the left side of this page for further details.